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Hello FreeAgent Partners! We’re delighted to invite you to our 3-part ‘Pricing for Profit Masterclass’ hosted by ProNation mentors Martin Bissett, Lucy Cohen and Will Farnell. Save the last session date of 16th November 2023. In this remaining session you’ll learn: 

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ProNation FreeAgent Pricing for Profit

The Problem With Pricing

If you undervalue and underprice yourself by £10,000 annually, over ten years you’ll be down by £100,000.

That’s a loss you’ll never recover.

If that shortfall is as high as £50,000 each year, then you’ll be half a million pounds short of where you should be. This doesn’t even factor in potential price increases or additional services that might have been provided during that period. 

So why would anyone do that?
Why is pricing such a mystery?
Why is there such a desire to gain mastery on this subject?

It could be all of the above and more.

In short, pricing has been made overcomplicated.

FACT: When pricing any piece of work for a client or prospect, whether we are talking about compliance work, compliance with extra work orders, advisory work, special projects or one-offs, you need only 3 prices.

What You'll Learn

These sessions will be interactive over Zoom. You’ll be required to attend with access to video and a microphone to enable participation and get the most benefit from the sessions and ask questions.

Session One: 21st September 2023 (Recording Available)

During the first 90-minute session, you’ll discover:

The recording of this session is available to FreeAgent Partners via the portal.

Session 2: 19th October 2023 (Recording Available)

During the second 90-minute session, you’ll learn:

Session 3: 16th November 2023 at 11:00 (UK time)

During the final 90-minute session, we’ll discuss:

Interested? Join Martin Bissett, Lucy Cohen and Will Farnell, for our 3-part Pricing Masterclass series for the remaining session on 16th November 2023 at 11am (UK time). This event is exclusive to FreeAgent Partners only.

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Event: 'Pricing for Profit' with ProNation - Exclusive for FreeAgent Partners

FreeAgent and ProNation are delighted to present this exclusive opportunity to all FreeAgent partners to attend a 3-part Pricing for Profit Masterclass delivered by ProNation mentors Martin Bissett, Lucy Cohen and Will Farnell. The final session is on 16th November, 2023.

Your Speakers

Martin Bissett

Martin Bissett has worked with over 1800 accounting firms worldwide in 44 countries and has helped to introduce firms to over £450m of new client fees. Martin currently lends his expertise in his role as an investor and board-level adviser in accounting and fintech organisations.

Lucy Cohen is the founder of the UK’s first subscription-based Accountancy company in 2006 at the age of 23 and one of the few women to found a multi-million-pound accountancy business in the UK.

Will Farnell

Will Farnell of Farnell Clarke Ltd helps accountants to use technology to underpin growth. As the owner of an accountancy firm himself Will knows first-hand how it feels to work to implement true change both for the firm and clients alike.

Registration closes 16th November at 10:00

Registration is now closed for Session Three

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Do You Know What to Charge?

Martin Bissett said, “Over the last 25 years of working with over 1800 accounting firms worldwide, if I’ve noticed any pattern over and over again, it’s that cry of, “We just don’t know what to charge!””

Therefore, questions arise for practitioners such as:

The answer to all these questions is, yes it is! One thing is for sure, there is huge potential in your firm.

Far too many professionals are afraid to charge what they're worth, including the raising of fees for existing clients.

The Bottom Line: You’re leaving money on the table (again!) so now is the time to raise your fees and we’ll show you how in the Pricing for Profit Masterclass.

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Join this exclusive opportunity to learn how to grow your fees, charge the right price, discover the potential in your firm and start your firm’s exponential growth.

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