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We help accountants and bookkeepers just like you to build a firm that works for you.

Proven, Practical Advice and Community for Accountants

ProNation is a community, a ‘nation of professionals’ run by a collective of practitioners and consultants to the accounting profession who between them have over 50 years of experience working with the accounting profession who share the same values, beliefs and desires and are committed to helping accountants and bookkeepers run better firms to help them improve not only the lives of the accountant but, in turn, improve the lives of the clients they help.

ProNation is an exclusive community for accounting professionals led and directed by three individuals who have served the profession with different expertise offering a proven, practical peer-to-peer approach for all levels of firms, from small solo practice firms needing software and systems advice to successful 8-figure firms needing a board-director level of consultation and support.

ProNation Mentors Will Farnell, Lucy Cohen and Martin Bissett 

Get To Where You Want to Be... Your Way

Enter a brave new world with an advisory-style board approach unique to ProNation with over 50-years collectively of proven and practical experience to be shared within the community. This is a community especially for accounting professionals to feel supported, inspired, heard and most importantly for firms, big or small, to make the progress they need to have the firm they want.

The landscape of the accounting profession has changed so much over the last 10 years, we need to recognise that the profession has been on a journey. With the collaborative environment that ProNation offers its members, we we can get together as a set of professionals and share best practice, and not feel we've got to put on a facade or pretend with something we're not, and to let people know what we've done, right, what we've done wrong, what worked, what didn't work, and to hear other people's experiences."

What Do You Need to Have a Better Practice...

More Time? More Money? More Confidence? A Better Team?

We know a lot of accountants first-hand who work very, very hard for their clients. But actually, if you look at their businesses, and strip out commercial salary, they are left with a loss-making business.

We want that to change.

Having worked with thousands of firms from around the world, we understand the common frustrations and have the knowledge from practice growth to technology and systems, to help you, step by step, to break through the barriers of resistance that are holding you back from building the firm you want. 


Never enough time to implement the changes and growth systems you want?


Are your clients earning more money than you? Are you not making ends meet?


Do you back down on price and lack the confidence to take on better clients?


Do you want an experienced team so your firm can go from strength to strength?

Make the Change Today

Our Expertise

ProNation is an innovative community headed up by practitioners and consultants to the accounting profession with potentially different views and rather than just prescribing a solution. We instigate smart conversations so that practitioners understand why they’re doing things, as well as just doing, because that’s what sets up the practices for success in the future.

With over 50 years of combined experience serving over 2,000 firms of all sizes, from over 44 countries around the globe we really know the proven methods and practical solutions that work to get you the results for your firm and the clients you serve. 

ProNation Advisory Mentors

Will and Lucy bring their joint expertise to you every month and are on hand through a variety of channels that we offer our members, from the monthly mentoring calls to email check-ins or one to one catch ups. The advisory board style gives you the ultimate blend in experience to truly support you to have the firm you want.

Martin says, “Ultimately, I believe that accountancy is the only profession that has the kind of impact on business owners that no other profession does. Accountancy can support and accelerate the realisation of business owner’s dreams and more importantly has the ability to save livelihoods, save jobs, save mortgages, and even save marriages. ProNation is here to make that a reality for its members.”

Will Farnell

Will Farnell of Farnell Clarke Ltd helps accountants to use technology to underpin growth. As the owner of an accountancy firm himself Will knows first-hand how it feels to work to implement true change both for the firm and clients alike.

Lucy Cohen

Lucy Cohen is the founder of the UK’s first subscription-based Accountancy company in 2006 at the age of 23 and one of the few women to found a multi-million-pound accountancy business in the UK.

Martin Bissett

Martin Bissett

During his 26 year career, Martin has worked with over 1800 accounting firms worldwide in 44 countries and has helped to introduce firms to over £500m of new client fees. Martin currently lends his expertise in his role as an investor and board-level adviser in accounting and fintech organisations.

Join Our Community and Build The Firm You Dream Of

#jointhenation and be part of a community of accounting and bookkeeping professionals so that you, your team and your clients with not just survive but thrive. Choose the right level of membership to suit the size and needs of your firm, there’s a level to suit everyone. From solo accountants and bookkeepers to 6-figure businesses, our advisory board of experts will take you on your own journey of discovery.

Each membership includes 90-minute group mentoring calls each month, plus access to a wealth of resources, guides and checklists through the ProNation vault.

There is a separate mentoring call depending on your membership level. One meeting is just for our Lite members and another meeting is just for our Pro and Executive members together.

In addition, members will be fully supported in between times by access to either a Facebook Group or WhatsApp group and even in-person events depending on the level of membership.  

Please note – We use GoCardless to process our membership applications. If you are based outside of the UK, please contact us for payment details.

Lite Membership

For solo accountant or bookkeeper
£ 100 Monthly
  • 90-minute monthly 'Lite' mentoring call for smaller firms
  • Mentoring resources from the ProNation Vault
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Email support

Pro Membership

For small, medium accounting firms
£ 250 Monthly
  • Everything in 'Lite' membership
  • In addition, Pro Membership includes...
  • 90-minute monthly 'Executive' mentoring call for the larger firm
  • Access to a quaterly 1-2-1 call with an Advisory Panel Expert of your choice

Executive Membership

For medium to large firms
£ 500 Monthly
  • Everything in the Pro Membership plus
  • Access to the ProNation Advisory Panel via WhatsApp
  • A monthly 1-2-1 call with one of our Advisory Panel Experts

What Our Members Say

"It has helped massively having a safe space to learn from other business owners that get it!

There is a wealth of knowledge and support within the group.

The sessions covering a wide range of topics that are helpful and inspiring!"
Ria Lincoln
The Beauty Accountant
"Finding the ultimate solutions to everyday accountancy practice issues is what ProNation has assisted me with.

With guidance from very experienced accounting practice owners, and a group of like minded and determined accountants, in a safe environment, is a great way to achieve your accounting and business dreams."
Gavin Spencer
Beach Accountants
"Running an accountancy practice can be a lonely place at times.

ProNation gives me access to entrepreneurs who have been there, done that and own all of the t-shirts. It's like having the older sibling that I never knew I needed in business."
Sam Mitcham
SJCM Accountancy

Lite Membership

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Pro Membership

To join ProNation Pro Membership, simply complete your payment details via the button below. Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email detailing how to access your ProNation membership. 

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Executive Membership

To join ProNation Executive Membership, simply complete your payment details via the button below. Once your payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email detailing how to access your ProNation membership. 

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